Formed Pick of the Week

Each week during Lent, we will be spotlighting an audio lecture from Formed.  This is a great way to continue your Lenten reflection from your home, car, or wherever life takes you.

In order to listen to the pick of the week, you will need to log into Formed.  If you have not yet created account, please see the instructions further down on this page.

Click the image below to listen to this week's pick!


About Formed

Formed is a web site that can best be described as "Netflix for Catholics."  The site provides a large selection of high quality movies, short videos, audio books, and seminars that will help you grow and develop your faith.  Formed is available via your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, so you can watch and listen no matter where you are.

The best part is that your access to Formed is absolutely free.

Seton Parish has purchased the right to allow our parishioners and their family members to create an account on the Formed web site.

How to Sign Up

In order to sign up for formed, please read and agree to the following diocesan policy.

β€œIt is the policy of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus that no parish or school sponsored youth classes, gatherings, events, or activities take place at private residences. This policy (3510.0) is designed to protect children, youth, employees and volunteers. It ensures accessibility and transparency of our religious programs and helps establish a safe environment for everyone involved.”


Have Questions?

If you have any unanswered questions about or need assistance signing up, please contact us.

Already have an account?

If you already have a account, you can go directly to their web site and log in using the username and password you created when you signed up.