About EMHC

Of the many ways the faithful participate in the celebration of the Mass, none is more vital than "sharing together in the Lord's table." 

Bishops, priests and deacons are the usual or "Ordinary" Ministers of Holy Communion since this is an intrinsic part of their role. The lay faithful are "Extraordinary" Ministers of Holy Communion since they function only when recommended by their pastors and designated by the bishop.  This ministry both invites and challenges, for when we place the bread or cup into the outstretched hands of our assemblies, we not only invite them to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, we challenge them to become it as well.

Those who minister communion are likewise invited and challenged. We are invited to serve the Body of Christ at the Eucharistic table and challenged to build up the Body through the way we live.  Our love for the Eucharist should be evident in a mature and lively faith, which enables us to bring Christ to all we meet long after the liturgy has ended.

In order to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, you must attend a training class that is offered periodically.  Please watch the bulletin or contact Deacon Hector to learn when the next training will be held.

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Have Questions?

If you would like to become an EMHC or have further questions about this ministry, please contact Deacon Hector (614-862-0899).

EMHC Handbook

Our handbook gives more detailed information about the role of EMHCs at Seton and our diocese.

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