About Gals and Pals

Originally established as a support group for widows, Gals and Pals is now for any Seton woman who would like an opportunity for fun, faith development, and fellowship. There are no qualifications to join and all Seton women are welcome. We meet at 2:00 p.m. on the last Sunday of the month at Tim Hortons in Pickerington.

The goal of Gals and Pals is to provide support and loving companionship to women. In addition to our monthly meetings, we go on day trips using the Creative Coach Company, and have holiday parties at members’ homes. We offer faith development by encouraging and facilitating members’ participation in Seton’s adult faith formation programs and women’s retreats. Starting in 2018, we are also fundraising to support the parish and Seton Parish Youth (SPY).

Members benefit from the chance to share with compassionate listener support, to have a break from the solitude or problems at home, and to form possible life-long friendships. Another benefit is the peace that comes from spiritual development and service to others.


Have Questions?

If you have additional questions about this ministry, please contact Sandy Stewart for more information.

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