About Ushers

Just as we greet guests to our home, make them feel welcome, and tend to their needs, so do the ministers of hospitality make the members of the assembly feel welcome and comfortable as they gather each Sunday. 

Well before the liturgy begins, we are on hand to make sure the church is ready for the liturgy, greet people as they arrive, give out worship aids, and escort people to their seats. We assist any parishioners who have special needs and stand by to handle any urgent matters during the Mass.  During the liturgy, we attend to the needs of the celebration while remaining alert to the needs of the people.  We will also direct the collection of the offerings and coordinate the procession of the parish during Communion.  When the liturgy ends, we distribute bulletins, and send people on their way with a friendly invitation to return.

As a group across all Masses, the users meet once per year.  We require users to be present 15 minutes before Mass begins and stay until all parishioners have left.   We require proper attire which means a blazer and tie for men and comparable clothing for women.

Becoming an usher is a relatively easy way to meet all the individuals who are responsible for running the church and the routine parishioners that attend each week.  This allows what seems like a large church quickly become accessible as a small group of friends.


Have Questions?

If you would like to become an usher or have further questions about this ministry, please contact Matt Forshey (614-949-3929).

Usher Handbook

Our handbook gives more detailed information about the role of usher at Seton.

Looking for More?

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