Gospel Road

Seton Parish is very proud to be the host parish for this year's Gospel Road. Gospel Road is a five day (Sunday, July 14 at 5 pm - Thursday, July 18 at 6 pm) mission focused work camp for youth in grades 9-12 from Catholic churches and schools throughout the Diocese of Columbus. High school graduates of the class of 2019 will also be included in this year’s program as participants.

Gospel Road is a parish driven and Diocesan supported event. It is designed to allow teens the opportunity to live the Gospel message of love while helping them learn practical skills such as painting, building, landscaping, etc.

Need Work Done?

High school teens under the supervision of adult leaders will be providing free service to elderly local residents and individuals and families who need home clean up and simple repair work but cannot financially afford it. Projects could include, but are not limited to: landscaping, cleaning, painting either inside or outside, simple home repairs (no electrical, plumbing or roofing), or other necessary work that a resident needs completed. We ask the homeowner or resident to provide paint and building materials unless you cannot afford it and then we will assist with materials if possible.

Looking to Volunteer?

We are looking for high school teens to be part of this incredible mission to serve the Pickerington and surrounding communities while at the same time building relationships and having fun. Forms can be found here https://columbuscatholic.org/gospel-road and any questions can be directed to Barb Serrano at bserrano@setonparish.com